Paper-based document management can be a significant expense for enterprises. Searching through paper files is time-consuming, and there's always the risk that information may be misfiled or lost. What's more, the costs of storing and distributing paper documents can be excessive.

KnowledgeLake Capture is the high-volume, production-level capture system designed to eliminate these problems. Tightly integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint®, KnowledgeLake Capture enables end users in your corporate headquarters and branch offices to easily scan and index documents, then store them in the appropriate SharePoint repository in TIFF, PDF and XPS file formats.

With KnowledgeLake Capture, you can:

  • Easily scan documents in batches
  • Use OCR technology to extract document meta-data from scanned images
  • Use "key from image" technology to easily apply document meta-data
  • Quickly and securely save documents to SharePoint from anywhere you have a web (HTTP) connection

Scanning and indexing features

  • Optional Zonal OCR module for automated forms processing
  • "Point and shoot" OCR functionality for easy indexing of unstructured documents
  • Many configurable image processing features, such as despeckle, deskew, and blank page detection
  • Optional ability to read many types of barcodes for document separation and document indexing automation
  • Support for local folder watching to enable scanning from common AIO ("All-in-One") desktop scanning devices


  • Compatible with SharePoint 2007 (WSS and MOSS) and with SharePoint 2003 (WSS and SPS)
  • Can be used with native SharePoint (no other KnowledgeLake products required) or as a front-end for KnowledgeLake Capture Server or KnowledgeLake Branch Capture Server
  • Ability to save to TIFF, PDF and XPS file formats
  • Native TWAIN and WIA scanner support
  • Optional support for Kofax scanning engines
  • Support for Kofax VRS and Kodak Perfect Page


  • Easy installation and configuration through tight SharePoint integration (just point your scanners at your SharePoint document library, and KnowledgeLake Capture configures itself)
  • Complete Software Development Kit for easy extensibility within your organization