Got SharePoint?

Synapses supports key components to SharePoint Server which simplifies how Microsoft users organize, store, access, and manage paper based content

Why Choose SharePoint?

With millions of SharePoint licenses now in the marketplace, information is being created in, and distributed to, more places across an organization than ever before. Suddenly, content and records management capabilities are within reach of a myriad of workers beyond the document intensive process specialist.

Uncontrolled growth and management of this information has the potential to result in compliance, storage and security issues as well as significant impact on end-users' day-to-day processes. As a result, organizations are deploying SharePoint in a segregated fashion, outside and separate from their existing business and ECM solutions. This is creating a silo'ed effect, where content is being inefficiently utilized.

Discover how companies are bringing together their SharePoint systems and their ECM systems to reduce inefficiencies, increase compliance and encourage content re-use/re-purposing.